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5 Conversation Tips from The Tao of Badass

Attract women

The most important and initial step of dating is conversation. If you don’t know how to start conversation with the women then you can take help from Joshua Pellicer guide The Tao of Badass. Conversation skill is the basic skill of dating. Relationship starts with conversation and even you don’t start conversation with the girl then you never build your relationship and always struggle in getting your dream girl. You must have to learn how to engage women with your conversation. Here are some tips that going to help you in starting conversation with the women.
How to Start Conversation with the Women

  1. Question From Her:

The best way to start conversation with any girl is asking question about her interesting topics. Girls love to talk about movies, TV shows and music. If you know other interesting topic of the girl you’re going to approach then ask from her. If you approaching women from your workplace then often talk about her day and try to solve out her problems.

  1. Make her feels comfortable:

Never start making strange faces when girl ask any question from you. If you don’t know answer passes out question by telling joke to her. Make her feel comfortable in your company.

  1. Listen to her:

When she starts telling you something then listen to her quietly and after she finish talking then share your opinion with her. She will love that.

  1. Focus on her:

It is very important to give full focus on her and her conversation. Show your support to her.

  1. Eye-Contact:

Eye-contact is very important part of conversation with women. When you both engage in any conversation make sure your eyes and your girl eyes contact each other.
The Tao of Badass

These are few conversation tips that is reveal by Joshua Pellicer in his dating and seduction guide The Tao of Badass. It is very important to keep your conversation friendly, polite and interesting to engage her in your conversation.


May 2013

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